• Image of Wolf Eyes & Andrew Kirschner - Gentrified Dreams

Full color insert with psychojazz cig green tapes

First met the wolf boyz many crazy moons ago, releasing their "live in Cleveland" CD-R from the human animal tour on the label. We had talked about doing a collab for years but it never lined up right until now. They were in town on the third man tour and hometown hero richard Rodriguez aka el Rey was nice enough to let us record in the yellow ghetto between acts. What came out of it is straight Midwest basement psychojazz action. All acoustic and on the spot, unedited. Hear what me and Olzone have to think about Bruce Dickinson being a pilot, influences and more. Side a is a collab between me and Olson and side b is me and stare case and finally, me and wolf eyes. Get fried alive but remember, you can sleep but you can't dream.

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Recorded live at the yellow ghetto, Cleveland Ohio 2016