• Image of Tycho Brahe - S/T

Tycho Brahe - S/T

Cover photo by TJ Duke/Unknown forest in Japan.
Design and Layout - Ben Gmetro/TB

My cousin Ben Gmetro and I had talked about doing music for years when we finally took action last year and started messing around in his studio. We had the groundwork for some Berlin school inspired jams but something was still missing. Enter TJ Duke (Cloud Nothings) who had also been jamming with Ben. The link had been found and we got to work right away. For our debut tape, we offer jams for fans of Edgar Frose, Tangerine Dream, Cluster and the like. Hypnotic and psychedelic synth jams with rhythmic drums, the music teeters on the familiar of Krautrock of old and new bliss filled ambiance. Get lost with us for awhile in the desert and things might look a little different.